Devon dog park

Where dogs can go off lead

North Devon Secure dog field

A place where dogs can run and play off the lead with no chance of escape. The field is located just out side Bratton Fleming in North North. A 2 acre secure dog field with 6 foot fence all around. 

The field can be hired for exclusive use, so just you and your dog(s). The field is ideal for nervous or reactive dogs that are fearful of other dogs and people. Dogs that have prey drive and would chase anything that moves, sheep, rabbits etc.. The paddock is also ideal for dog training, dogs with bad recall or a new puppy you have not yet let off the lead.

There is plenty for your dog to do and learn, we have fun dog agility, jumps, weave poles, tunnels, some straw bales for your dog to jump, an A frame, dog balance beam, seesaw and our famous dog fort where dogs can climb all over.

Come and give it a try!

North Devon's first off lead dog park.

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Doggy Fun

Dog Park uses

  • Teach dog recall
  • Dogs that can never go off lead
  • Nervous or reactive dogs
  • New puppy first time off lead
  • Try some dog agility
  • Just off lead fun & play